Nuno Fernandes explored the benefits for health on doing regular physical activity. He highlighted “…Doing exercise, help cardiovascular system work more efficiently. He also stressed that the perceived benefits of movement for health are reported in different approaches within different dimensions, including the relaxation, the benefits for breathing and posture, positive impact on the immunologic system, contributing to cardiorespiratory rehabilitation after events of disease and, as well, a succeeded therapy in different neurologic disorders, without excluding the social and psychological benefits associated, for instance, with the improvement of self-esteem in some disabilities, the stress management and coping strategies to quit addictions.

Dulce Maia Trindade brought to discussion the wellness dimensions and health gains of a balanced diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep regime. She emphasized: “Keep moving, controls the weight, promotes better sleep and stimulates various brain chemicals that may bring distress, increase the self-esteem and the feelings of happiness as well it may influences a positive effect on sex life”. She referred some scientific researches that discussed the health benefits of regularly physical activity or dance. In a study done at the University of New England, participants who spent six weeks learning tango's fancy footwork recorded significantly lower levels of depression than a control group who took no classes. The EEG image of brain at rest and after a walk of 20 minutes on hoofing reveals heightened activity and faster information processing of brain after activity. The Study author Rosa Pinniger credits the extreme focus—or "mindfulness"—of dance, which interrupts negative thought patterns that contribute to anxiety and depression.

The invitation came: SHOULD YOU DANCE?
It was the motto for the workshop. The event continued with a DEMONSTRATION OF TANGO with the couple Noelia Coletti & Pablo Giorgini, involving the 70 PARTICIPANTS in the movement and the emotions. Following a program on GUIDED PRACTICE, PERFORMANCE & “MILONGUITA” the workshop was co-organized by AMLPM and Macau Association of Tango with fully cooperation of JOÃO FONSECA, Professor of Physical and Sport Education. The tango instruction, under NOELIA & PABLO provided an excellent venue, highlighting the multidimensional levels of learning that students could experience in a very relaxing ambience.

NOELIA said: “The essence of TANGO is something you feel, not something you do. Any master of this art will tell you that the music has to flow through you in order to truly grasp the tango”.