The 2nd Macao Medical Associations Forum

The 2nd Macao Medical Associations Forum on the “Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies: Embracing Transformation in Addiction” was held in Regency Hotel in Macau SAR on 22nd-23rd of November, 2015. The FORUM was organized by Association of Portuguese-Speaking Physicians of Macau (AMLPM) and Macau Psychiatry Association (MPA), counting on the collaboration of Social Welfare Bureau of Macau (Division for Drug Treatment and Social Rehabilitation) and  the Local non-Governmental Organizations.

Addiction represents one of the areas of medicine that is least understood, yet generates an enormous burden on society, medical professionals, health care workers and individual sufferers. The Forum was a unique, one-time Macao event that brought together under the same roof, government representatives, delegates of associations and NGOs as well as invited researchers and academics.
The Forum created opportunities to present new findings, multi-disciplinary workshop and discussion forums, sharing facility for professional involved in the understanding of addictive behaviours and dependencies, bringing cutting-edge evidence and practice together. Invited keynote speakers considered international and regional top addiction experts from Australia, Hong Kong and Macau combining to put on a Discussion Forum the debate on prevention, through early diagnostic and treatment strategies to societal and rehabilitation approaches focused on smoking cessation, alcohol/substances abuse and gambling problems.