This meeting on “Making Decision in Digestive Diseases” held in Macau on 28-29 March 2015 was a joint effort of Macau Surgery Association, Macau Association of Medical Doctors of Health Bureau and Macau Association of Portuguese Speaking Physicians. The Presidents of the 3 Associations, respectively Zhu When Li, Choi Nin and myself, as well as the President of Forum, Shee Vá and Pang Heong Keong from Macau Surgery Association welcomed all the participants, the invited specialists, Macau senior medical professionals, and the distinguished guests.
This newsletter provides a good moment to reflect on the happenings of the “Forum on Making Decision in Digestive Diseases”. The Forum assembled an outstanding program of master lecturers, panels, point-counterpoint debates, workshops, and poster sessions that provided a wealth of information in diverse topical areas encompassing exciting and timely advances. Thanks to the support of the pharmaceutical industry and the sponsorship of other private organizations, in collaboration with the Organizing Committee of the Meeting they convened this Forum and the Workshop. From an educational perspective, the health professionals, experts and specialists from Macau, Hong Kong and abroad involved in the lecturers, workshop, and forum of debate held at Hotel L’Arc in Macau and in Health Centre of Hac Sa Wan (Areia Preta) contributed to the great success of this event.

More than 120 participants attended with enthusiasm this Forum on “Digestive Diseases_ medical and surgical treatment”, proportionating an accessible, rigorous, intellectually demanding, and rewarding time and space for argumentation on evidence and technical rule-based strategy.