“Macau an Open Door for Health Care Tourism”

The Direction Council of AMLPM is reporting back from the Symposium Dinner in Militar Club on 29th June 2012 about “Macau an Open Door for Health Care Tourism”. AMLPM, along with its members, aims to achieve a common goal: providing health professionals the knowledge of the Macau offering when patients cross borders for wellness/medical care/healthcare and, the local service offering on tourism in the region.

The meeting was a great success and some of the noted highlights were Manson Fok, Dean of MUST, closing remarks on certification, communication and education in the medical tourism marketplace and Cecília Tsé, Head of Communication & External Relations Department, MGTO presentation on the heath tourism growing industry. She mentioned the offering services in
tourism resources in Macau as one of the best in world, which could be complementary to the healthcare providers offering. MGTO devotes efforts in the areas of regional cooperation, quality tourism, tourism product mix and innovative promotion, in order to build Macau into a quality tourist destination. Peres de Sousa, CEO of Malo Clinic presented the services center of this Clinic as a potential wellness and healthcare provider through the eyes of the international patient. He reinforced the need of the certification in Macau and the needs of investing in the cooperation instead of competition in health tourism. 
Associação dos Médicos de Língua Portuguesa de Macau – AMLPM Newsletter: Macau an Open Door for Health Care Tourism on 29th June, 2012. As part of this theme, the General Secretary of “Macau Forum”, Rita Santos, highlighted the importance of Health Tourism area on Economic Development from around the world having Macau as a platform in the Cooperation between China and the Portuguese Speaking Countries (PSC). The debate was integrated with her comments and appreciation who exchanged the idea to proportionate to the health professionals the expertise and specialized training in medical/surgical centers to gain knowledge to improve medical tourism in their respective countries and in order to collaborating with global colleagues and creating new affiliations and partnerships. Macau could develop related projects concerning the increased flow of international patients along with Macau medical offers branding in attracting international patients from PSC countries.

During the Meeting on Health Care & Medical Tourism, TDM interviewed the AMLPM President, Rui Furtado, who introduced the speakers invited for this panel of discussion and referred to the objectives of these periodic meetings for members of the association, health professionals
(physicians, nurses and technicians) and for other invited professionalsof congress, accordingly the themes. He spoke of the interconnectedness of the medical, health and tourism industry and the importance in Macau of high quality training programs for healthcare, risk free environment and accreditation of medical and surgical performance skills. He ended the interview by sharing his thoughts on the future of the medical tourism industry in Macau. CEO of Malo Clinic, Peres de Sousa, was also interviewed to give a projection and positioning of Malo clinic today and future perspectives.