“The Harmful Effects of Tobacco” - Drama Theatre of Chekhov´s by Alfredo Ritchie

Late in the afternoon of the 14th of November of 2015, at the Military Club of Macau, we were able to assist to Alfredo Ritchie performing to all of us a Chekhov´s one act monologue.

Drama Theatre of Chekhov's
One-act monologue
On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco
One of Anton Chekhov’s earliest one-act plays, “On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco” is seen on stage, performed in Portuguese by Alfredo Ritchie (English version available).

Alfredo Ritchie , physician and Member of AMLPM plays Ivan Ivanovich Nyukhin who was instructed by his wife to give -"to charitable purposes"- a lecture on the harmful effects of tobacco, though he himself smokes. This poor guy is obviously not happy, and that is exactly what is so funny about it. This character discovers his ineffectiveness and lays bare his unhappiness and his failed dreams. Of course, the piece has nothing to do with the harmful effects of tobacco. Its topic is the pathos of the human comedy.

We see echoes of it in Alfredo Ritchie interpreting Nyukhin wiHe fully coexists with the character representing with great subtlety of performance in which the body language, facial expression and voice combine to bring us the essence of man. A real conviction. It certainly will held the audience transfixed and, yes, amused, but not in a laugh-out-loud kind of way. We laugh through a drama of Chekhov revealing that, there is nothing more tragic than the ridiculous of life.

Does it seem familiar? It's a crystalline encapsulation of what is the Chekhovian comedy of suffering…

To visualize the whole videos please click on the two links below.

Video 1(presentation) Video2(full performance)