Understanding the Obesity’s Developmental Influences

A panel of five experts present their valuable experience and expertise on "Understanding the Obesity’s Developmental Influences: The Role of Diet, Physical Activity and Sleeping in Prenatal period and throughout Childhood to the Adolescence…"
Tanja Sobko (PhD, Karolinska Institute, Sweden) led the panel and started the session: "...It wasn't to simply document the obesity problem, but to show the evidence on results obtained when developing early obesity prevention. While genetics play a role, genes do not operate in a vacuum; behaviors and social, cultural and physical environments also make important contributions..."
From Copenhagen University, Louise Andersen, Katrine Tschentscher Ejlerskov,Nina Geiker and Line Brinch Christensen (PhD's) took the podium next and echoed the panel discussion's to action, "…there's a role for everyone to play in enhancing the prevention of overweight from birth, promoting early the healthy environments and protecting infants from negative influences, holds promise for enabling significant gains in health and well-being throughout life...