Obesity- Associated Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in a Changing Society"

   Overweight and obesity are close related to a cluster of chronic diseases termed Metabolic Syndrome. Macau is one of the unique, fast changing socio-economical locations of the world. Our goal was to investigate how these "changing life styles" correlated in groups with different cardiometabolic risk factors. Here we present the data on obesity prevalence (Asiatic Criteria Body Mass Index) correlated to multiple cardiovascular risk factors among adults, adjusted by sex and age, in Macau-China.
This analysis was based on survey data from 2006 Macao Health Survey. Measurements
included physical assessment, lab tests, and face-to-face interviews. Six variables were
used for association testing: four cardiovascular risks factors (High Blood Pressure,
Hypercholesterolemia, Dyslipidemia, Waist Circumference) as well as Diabetes and
Metabolic Syndrome. To test a significance between BMI status and different variables, we
used Chi-square test and ANOVA (analysis of variance).
Data was collected in a total of 3120 participants selected from a randomized household
sampling. The mean age was 43.7+14.3, 40.4 males and 59.6 females. The prevalence of
obesity in the studied population was 27% (BMI: 25+), 3.9% severe obese (BMI: 30+).
Separate logistic regressions for obesity/severe obesity were strongly associated with the
adverse cardiovascular risk factors, increased risk for diabetes and metabolic syndrome.
In this population-based study, obesity was independently associated with adverse
cardiometabolic risk factors outcomes and Diabetes Mellitus. Our results further highlighted the need to develop a focused intervention for early lifestyle changes in children, adolescent and young adults in order to prevent obesity-associated cardiometabolic diseases.

RODRIGUES P. in Obesity- Associated Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in a Changing Society?,  Track 4: Epidemiology, Diet, Activity and Behaviour in 11th International Congress on Obesity, July 2010, Stockholm, Sweden,