Paula Pimenta awarded by the Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities Abroad

Dr.Paula Pimenta, a portuguese physician, specialist in Internal Medicine, the President of General Assembly of the Association of Portuguese-speaking Physicians of Macau is working in Macao Health Bureau developing an outstanding commitment and selfless service, greatly impacted in the Macao community during last twenty years reflecting her dedication, and professional expertise and dedication to caring for everyone. She will be awarded at the Consul’s residence, the former Hotel Bela Vista on Wednesday 20th May 2015 by the Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities Abroad, José Cesário, who will present honorary medals to distinguished Portuguese citizens residing in Macau.

Other honored Macao residents are the scholar, Cândida Pires, the president of the Association of Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers of Macau Augusto Nogueira, and the Portuguese restaurant promotors, António Neves Coelho and Jorge Mota. The names were proposed by Consul-General of Macau and Hong Kong, Vítor Sereno.