• Estratégia


    Promote and endorse regular and periodic initiatives among Macau’s medical associates, and find forms of dialogue and means to create regular and periodic exchange of academic, professional and scientific interrelations. To encourage dialogue and establish means in which to develop strategic partnerships among numerous medical education agencies. Promote different levels of medical education and training, as well as increase the capacity and involvement of doctors from the Portuguese speaking community in scientific projects that contribute in the protection and promotion of public health.

  • Missão


    The AMLPM aims to strengthen and support medical training as well as promote activities and develop projects at this level. In this manner the AMLPM aim to include all doctors from MSAR (Macau Special Administrative Region) who provide or have provided medical service in Macau. It is intended that physicians use the Portuguese language as the main form of communication in order to help promote and develop lasting cooperation within the portuguese medical community.

  • Parcerias


    After joining the CMLP (Comunidade Médica de Língua Portuguesa - Portuguese-speaking Medical Community), AMLPM established a collective commitment for health cooperation with various agencies in the medical-scientific society.Together with the members of the CMLP, other partnerships and the Faculty of Health Sciences from the University of Science and Technology of Macau (FMS-MUST), AMLPM promotes the specialization of physicians to encourage continuous medical studies and training. In this manner providing Portuguese-speaking physicians with the means to contribute in scientific projects that further the protection and promotion of public health.

  • Quem Somos?


    The AMLPM was formed by a group of doctors who provide or have provided medical services in Macau.This association aims to promote medical-scientific dialogue, continued medical education, the protection of public health in MSAR, as well as involving all physicians of the Portuguese-speaking community in scientific projects in order to give greater visibility to AMLPM.


International Events

The 1st Macau-China and Portuguese Speaking countries International Medical conference took place in Macau, allowing for professional networking, with an elevated scientific and technical standard in relation to health cooperation between China and the Lusophone countries…

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Local Events

Various medical-scientific societies had the opportunity to improve communication between associates in an exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge, as a result of a number of initiatives with local specialists and guests, such as a series of meetings called “At the table with…”...

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Events with other Associations

The Sino-Luso Medical Forum, promotes cooperation among members of AMLPM and MUST, a medical & science’s college, on a regular and periodic basis through academic, professional and scientific exchanges…

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